Video Tutorials for website usage

On this page you will find various quick tutorials that explain different aspects of using our site and how to navigate the different sections. We strongly urge you to watch these videos before calling us as it is much easier to see the process for yourself rather than us trying to explain it over the phone. If you still have any questions that we don't cover here, please email us for more assistance.

Click the links below to browse our tutorial topics

Resolving common issues and FAQs with the badge designer

    In this video we go over some common issues with the badge designer, if you are having problems this will be your first stop as we go over:
  • How to add and remove badges from the template
  • Where to find templates and load them
  • Checking the entered names after add badges
  • Changing names once the badges are in cart

Using the badge designer with a saved template

In this video we go over how to load a saved template from your account, and successfully place an order for a list of names

Creating a CSV file to place larger orders

In this video, we go over the explanation of how to create a CSV file using excel. This is the recommendation for any order larger than 5 names. Using a CSV greatly increases the ease of use and allows you to keep track of your name file.

Setting up and saving a new template

In this video, we go over the process of loading a new template onto your account. This covers loading the logo, manipulating the design and further adjusting before then saving and placing an order using the template.