Today, the trophy and award industry grosses $3 billion per year in the United States and Canada while American Youth Soccer Organization branches spend around 12 percent of their yearly budgets on trophies.

Are you a coach or a sports manager who wants to celebrate their team’s achievements over the last season? Whether you run a soccer, football, or basketball team, you’ll need to get sports trophies to award your athletes.

There are a wide variety of different trophies to choose from. How do you pick the right trophy for your sports team? Keep reading to learn the top four things to consider when choosing sports trophies for the athletes on your team. 

Engraved Sports Trophies

If you want to make these awards more personal for your athletes, considering engraving their names on them. You can also get trophies that have specific messages such as “Most Valuable Player.”

If you choose a trophy with a square base, you can add more details such as the winner’s name or the sponsor. Also, silver-plated trophy cups can have engravings inside their bowls instead of the outside.

So when picking an award for your sports team, consider engraved trophies.

The Size and Weight of Trophies

When it comes to picking the right award, the size and weight matter. Do you have elementary schoolchildren as your athletes or do you teach high school kids instead? The age of your athletes will impact the size and weight of the awards you choose.

The size of the trophy should align with the age, strength and height of the athletes on your team. A very large trophy for a small child will look strange while small-sized sports trophies won’t work for high school or college athletes.

The Colour of the Trophies

When buying a trophy, you need to be sure the colour is truly golden, silver, or bronze. You don’t want to accidentally buy a trophy that has an unclear and mixed colour.

You need a trophy with a specific and pure colour including some glaze. Before you decide to go with a particular trophy, be sure to check out some samples so that you know the colour is clear and has a good appearance.

The Quality of the Awards

You don’t want to purchase a trophy that is made of poor materials. You need to buy awards made of quality metals. The materials need to be durable and long-lasting.

You don’t want your athletes to take a trophy home and have it break in a few months. Try to go to multiple suppliers and take a look at the quality of their trophies. These awards are important to your athletes so be sure not to skimp on the quality.


Do you have any other tips for picking the right sports trophies for your team? If so, please let us know in the comments below!

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