Doesn't it feel awkward to have a question for a staff member at a business, but you don't know what to call them?

Obviously, you don't want to snap your fingers or whistle at them like a dog. But what do you say? "Hey you"? Do you simply wait until they notice you?

This is an uncomfortable situation for any customer to be in. Frankly, it's probably not very comfortable for the employee, either. So how do you solve this issue?

The solution is easy: name badges.

While badges might seem really simple, the fact of the matter is that they're an incredibly useful part of any staff member's uniform. 

Let's talk about why these badges are so important.

1. Friendliness and personality

The easiest benefit of name badges has to be the connection they create between customer and employee.

It feels much more personal to call an employee by name. While their relationship might not be very deep, this rapport does create a working business relationship between the employee and customer.

As an added bonus, business interactions feel much more personal to the employee, too. They're no longer just a cog in the system but an actual person.

2. Brand identity

While they might not look the part, badges are part of a uniform. When customers speak to staff members wearing these badges, your brand is being implanted in their mind.

It might not seem like a big effect, but they add a professional touch to any employee.

3. Hierarchy

This seems somewhat obvious, but these badges help to keep the employment ladder of your business or brand straight.

Sometimes, when we walk into a business, we don't know who is who. Is he the manager, or is she? Who should I talk to?

Name badges eliminate this confusion by clearly labeling the role of each staff member. This also helps the customer with their hesitancy about who their contact should be. 

They even promote a more professional outlook in your employees -- it's no secret badges make people feel very official.

4. Security

Let's say you're running a trade show or convention. You don't want anyone just walking into the staff-only section of your area, right?

With name badges, these problem disappears. The badges clearly show who is (and who isn't) an employee. This might seem trivial, but keeping your convention booth secure should be a top priority, and name badges make that easy.

5. Name Badges Promote Accountability

Unfortunately, things go wrong. People make mistakes, and when that happens you need to know what happened (and who made a mistake). Doing an interrogation is a fairly uncomfortable procedure, though.

Badges eliminate the need to interrogate employees because it creates accountability for your employees. Their name is represented, so they know that every mistake (or every great thing!) is attached to their name.

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