Successful businesses understand the need for recognizing employees. This may be as simple as establishing an employee of the month award or it may be a gala held every year to honor accomplishments, years of service, and more. With a wide range of corporate awards to choose from, finding the perfect item is a simple task. There are certain factors to be considered at this time, however, as sporting trophies typically aren't appropriate here. Following are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a corporate award for any occasion or event.

  1. Determine a budget for the award or awards. FCB carries a wide range of items to fit any price range. Thankfully, awards can be used as a business expense, but the company needs to ensure they don't spend more than they must for quality items. With the help of a budget, an organization can ensure it stays within the established guidelines for this purchase. Furthermore, choosing an award becomes easier when a budget is in place. 

  2. Discover which type of award best marks the occasion. For example, an employee of the award month is very commonplace within the organization, thus the award can be less elaborate. This achievement is often honored with plaques or cups. However, when marking a person's extended service with the company, it is best to choose a fancier item that truly shows how valued they are. In this situation, the award needs to make the person feel special and provide others with motivation to accomplish that same goal. Materials play a role in this decision, as crystal is certain to be more valued than acrylic, as one example. Furthermore, a company should take into account what makes the individual unique, as someone who loves golf would treasure an item that brings their hobby into the award. A person who loves music, in contrast, would love an awards corporate item that reflects this interest. 

  3. Decide how and where the award will be displayed. When honoring a person's accomplishment in sales, for instance, a company wants clients to see they are working with a skilled employee. This type of award, therefore, it typically hung in a very conspicuous place. In contrast, an award to mark a person's years of service may be more personalised and something they wish to keep close to them. A medal might even be appreciated here.

  4. Size dictates where the award may be placed as well. Large awards plaques can quickly overpower a wall, thus smaller versions will likely be preferred. The same is true of items for a desk. A small clock may be appropriate when a desk is where it is to be displayed. However, a mantel clock may be more appropriate for an award that will be showcased in the home, as it will attract attention. 

  5. Customize the award with a special message. This may be the date a milestone was achieved, the accomplishment itself or the individual's name may be displayed on the award. The purchaser determines what is most appropriate in this situation, but this plays a role in the trophy award selected, as the engraving needs to fit in the available space. 

  6. Consider custom corporate awards trophies, for example, as opposed to traditional awards. Most people associate trophies with sports in mind, yet corporate trophies can stand out and help to highlight a major accomplishment or achievement. Think outside the box, and never assume simply because one type of award has traditionally been used for a special occasion, event, or milestone that it must always be. This is especially true for modern companies that want to stand out in the crowd. Providing employees with unique awards helps them to do so.

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