QFES badge with magnet fitting
QFES badge with magnet fitting

QFES badge with magnet fitting

Changes to the badge layout, including font styles is not authorised. Any changes to the template will be rejected. 
Uniformed QFES personnel are required to wear a name badge that displays their rank/title (line one) and one of the following name options (line two): 
a. Full given name and surname;
b. First name and service number;
c. Approved preferred name and surname; or
d. Approved preferred name and service number.
 QFES Administrative personnel have the option of wearing a name badge that displays the individual’s given or preferred name and surname and ‘Queensland Fire and Emergency Services’ as their title. 
A common sense approach should be used when determining the name/s depicted on name badges, with due consideration to individual’s rights and the QFES professional image. 
QFES personnel are not permitted to display nicknames as their given or preferred name. 
Velcro style backings are not suitable to wear on a tunic/jacket.
The below are example images for your reference:

Administrative Personnel Badge Non Administrative badge layout


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