The Occasion

The first thing you need to think about is the occasion for which the award is going to be given. It will commonly be for one of the following themes: Achievement, Recognition, Motivation, Sales, Donation, Innovation, Honorary, Service or Retirement.
You then need to choose a design to suit.

Design Concept

Achievement awards are commonly recognised with Globe, Chrome, Star and Victory awards.
Mountain Peak, Obelisk and Star award themes are ideal for Recognition and Innovation awards.
Flame and Eagle awards symbolise leadership, loyalty, strength and perseverance, which makes them a perfect choice for Retirement or Service awards.
If your award celebrates Sales or a Donation, commonly selected designs include Triangles, Dollar Signs and Crystal Obelisks.
Mountain Peaks, Team Symbols and Dollar Signs are suitable Motivation awards, while Glass and Timber plaques are a fantastic option for Honorary recognition.


The style of the award – which incorporates concepts, colours and shapes into the design – should also reflect the occasion for which it’s being presented, as well as the character of the recipient.
Whether it’s a simple, minimalist glass plaque or a deluxe, sculptured crystal award crafted from Optic crystal, you can further customise your award with your choice of colours, imagery, branding and text to make it distinctive and completely unique to each awardee by requesting our popular colour print option.


Corporate awards and plaques come in a variety of sizes to suit the prestige of the event, as well as your budget and design preferences.
From small desk accolades to grand, impressive pieces designed to act as a centrepiece or be displayed prominently on the wall, the huge range of awards in graduating sizes will make it easy for you to find the perfect fit.


Awards come in acrylic, glass, timber and glass, and crystal to make sure your chosen accolade stands out among the rest. Acrylic offers sleek simplicity and durability combined, while glass awards make an impressive desk piece, especially when you incorporate colour tinting or intricate sculptured designs.
You can’t go past the striking combination of timber and glass for solid, stylish corporate awards, and crystal is an elegant and impressive choice for the most prestigious honours.
Or if you’re after the lasting impact of a plaque, you can choose from acrylic and timber, or glass. Each construction material offers durability and style in a unique design, complete with your own customisation.


It’s an obvious consideration but still worth mentioning: make sure the awards and plaques you choose keep within your budget!
With limitless options available to you, you’ll have no trouble finding a sophisticated and memorable piece to show your appreciation, whether you’re on a limited budget or have the flexibility to splurge.


Your order volume is the last thing to keep in mind. Is it a one-off award or do you need to buy in bulk? The more you buy, the more you save, so consider making a bulk purchase if you know you’ll need a large number of awards over some time.

And Finally…

Last but not least, don’t forget to top off your corporate awards and plaques with a personalised inscription or imagery to show the recipients how much you value their unique contributions to your organisation.
At Full Colour Badges, we deliver an extensive range of customisable design options to help you create truly special and distinctive pieces that you’ll be proud to give and your awardee even prouder to receive.